Full-face mask horizont
2 313  bez DPH
By the army, police and special rescue units, chem...
Filtration KP19
130 000  bez DPH
Filtration of viruses, bacteria, allergens and smo...
Filtering-Ventilating System MG250S-I
190 000  bez DPH
4-way NBC Filtering-Ventilating System MG250S-I Us...
Filter-ventilation unit DFU – ALERGIK
37 100  bez DPH
WITH FILTER ALERGIK Filter-ventilation unit with D...
Filter-ventilation unit DFU – CRISIS
56 700  bez DPH
WITH FILTER CRISIS Filter-ventilation unit with DF...
From 2 800  bez DPH
Glutaraldehyde disinfection with addition of QAC....
From 230  bez DPH
Alcohol-based, rinse-free hand sanitizer. - A fast...
4 500  bez DPH
5 500  bez DPH
Protective coveralls
From 519  bez DPH
Protective coveralls provides biological protectio...
Protective filter MOF-6 combined
435  bez DPH
This combined filter with a particle layer protect...
Protective filter MOF-6 gas filter
405  bez DPH
This gas filter without a filter layer is designed...