CBRN Filter for MG250S-I
8 500.00  bez DPH
Filter Perfection P2
199.00  bez DPH
Perfection P2 filter developed by Nanologix. FILTR...
Filter Perfection P3
349.00  bez DPH
Perfection P3 filter developed by Nanologix. FILTR...
Filter RD 40 P3 R
289.00  bez DPH
P3 R filter for Nanologix CM-6 full face mask. 99....
4 500.00  bez DPH
5 500.00  bez DPH
Combination protective filter MOF-6 / MOF-6+
From 435.00  bez DPH
This combined filter with a particle layer protect...
Protective filter MOF-6 gas filter
405.00  bez DPH
This gas filter without a filter layer is designed...
Protective filter combined OF-02 CBRN
479.00  bez DPH
This is a top-notch filter in all its parameters....
Protective filter OF-90 NBC / OF-90 NBC+
From 349.00  bez DPH
This is a civilian version of a military filter th...
Protective filter P3 / P3+
From 199.00  bez DPH
This is a particle filter with a hydrophobic layer...
Filter replacements AIR2 MicroClimate
Set of four AIR filters use a blown Polypropylene...
Filter F7
3 200.00  bez DPH