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The combination of the RESPIRA half mask with protective goggles represents a smooth transition between respiratory protection by means of a half mask and comprehensive protection including of the mucous membranes of the eyes by means of a full-face mask.

The use of combined protection through the half mask and protective goggles is recommended both in extreme situations, e.g. in environments filled heavily with smoke and environments contaminated by aerosols, and in environments with a heightened risk of eye injury (grinding, cutting etc.).

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NANOLOGIX supplies several types of protective goggles which are fully compatible with the RESPIRA COMPACT half mask and so can be utilised for the combined protection of respiratory organs and eyes. Both types of protective goggles are fitted with a special seal that ensures perfect adhesion to the face, which guarantees not only maximum protection but also a high level of comfort.

Compatibility with the RESPIRA half mask is achieved by means of a specially modelled nose bridge on the goggles which follows the shape of the nose section of the half mask. The combination of the RESPIRA half mask with protective goggles provides the user with great comfort thanks to their exceptionally low weight and maximum protection.

The RESPIRA half mask with protective goggles can be used over long periods and causes significantly less discomfort to the user compared to a full-face mask.

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