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This collapsible spill bund is designed for a quick response to accidental leaks of water, oilbased products and chemicals. The spill bunds are delivered in several sizes. It is also possible to use the bigger models both as large volume containers and to capture spills when siphoning fuel from refuelling trucks.

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Quickly and easily converts into a pool, ready to capture all spills and leaks

Technical details

Due to reinforcements in the side walls the spill bunds are rigid and self-supporting. They are made from thick fabric with a protective proofing layer (PES/PVC 680 g/m²). They are resistant to oil-based substances, acids and alkalis at temperatures between -30°C and +70°C (see. Chemical resistance certificate in the relevant chapter at the end of catalogue). New handling belts – with a maximum carrying capacity 200 kg and safety fastening hooks at both ends – are used for manipulation. The protective pad and special liner which are delivered as accessories considerably enhance the durability of the spill bund

Product variants:
The XL DECON spill bund with its lower sidewalls is especially suitable for emergency decontamination of people. The reinforcements in the sidewalls of the EASY PACK are multi-segmented, so the bund folds better around any obstacle and it can be folded into a smaller pack. The SHALLOW version with its extremely low profile design can either be used in inaccesible areas, especially in narrow spaces with low headroom, or as a spill collecting tray to ensure safe filling and emptying of vessels


  •  Possibility of fitting round any object
  •  Immediately ready to be used even in inaccessible areas
  •  Easy handling
  •  Maximum carrying capacity 200kg
  •  Built-in level indicator to show the quantity of retrieved liquid
  •  Possibility of adding of drain hole and ball valve


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