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The containers COMCONSHIELD® LLW/ILW are designed for collection and shor or long term storage of radioactive waste (RAW); the containers can be used also for storage of toxic waste.

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  • transport and storage of radioactive waste RAW
  • transport and storage of neutron sources
  • storage of high-level low-volume RAW
  • storage of radioactive sediments and ionex from nuclear plants
  • temporary storage of RAW inside buildings and/or directly on workstations with radionuclides
  • storage of toxic waste


  • high level of shielding against alpha, beta, gamma as well as neutron radiation
  • a wide range of shielding level configurations based on user needs
  • higher effective proton number of the composite lowers the increase factor
  • absolute corrosion resistance
  • possibility to produce (cast) different sizes and shapes
  • easy washability and decontamination
  • high compressive strength (> 80MPa)
  • high tensile strength (> 30MPa) and bending tensile strength ( > 45MPa)
  • high impact resistance
  • permanent resistance to freezing and thawing – frost resistance coefficient T150:0,99-1
  • permanent resistance to acid rains, petroleum products, non-oxidizing acids, alkalis and aliphatic hydrocarbons
  • extreme resistance to weather conditions including UV radiation
  • complete impermeability and zero absorbability
  • long lifetime without changes to mechanical, dimensional, physical and shielding properties
  • effective stowage and safe stacking

Warranty and lifetime:

COMCON® ILW containers come with a 50 year warranty when used according to technical terms and conditions; lifetime based on accelerated tests is at least 500 years.

The container COMCONSHIELD® LLW-C1 met the requiremenst of “IAEA Safety Standards Series, Regulation for the Safe Transport of Radioactive Material, 1996 Edition (Revised), Requirements, No. TS-R-1 (ST-1, Revised), IAEA, Vienna, 2000” for radioactive consignments type A.

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