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DA 1 is a portable decontamination device designed for indoor and outdoor use, where access to the affected area is either restricted (cramped spaces, stairways, mechanical obstacles), or where robust rinsing techniques are avoided for subsequent damage.

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DA 1 is designed for one-man operation. Device variability, this is the ability to change the decontaminant’s consistency from fine mist, foam, or rinse, allow team work to cooperate with other units and shorten the time of CBRN removal.
DA 1 is a set of two decontaminant (steel) and air (kevlar) cylinders, which are fastened to the base support body. Simple adjustment of the straps is ensured by moving in the vertical and horizontal direction. Clamping is ensured by a quick link.

Pressure cylinders are equipped with special valves (safety, drainage, pressure regulating 300 / 0.5 bar, reversing) and connection terminals for accessories (one or two-way pistols and the respective sets of nozzles of various parameters, pressure gauge 0-400 bar).

Decontamination equipment DA 1 is designed for both indoor and outdoor areas with limited access and the impossibility of using a powerful rinse technique.

The decontamination device prototype is developed by Dekonta, a.s.
In cooperation with SÚJCHBO v.v.i. with the support of the Ministry of the Interior, within the Security Research Program of the Czech Republic in 2015/2020 (BVIII/1 – VS), project ID: VI20162019031.

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