Decontamination Equipment DA-4

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DA4 is a large-volume decontamination equipment designed to decontaminate the internal spaces of platforms and subway tunnels. It is a facility with sufficient decontaminant supply and allows rapid rinse and decontamination in the event of CBRN attack in the subway.

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It is a mobile device equipped with a large-capacity nozzle allowing decontamination of the entire tunnel profile, again with variable use (foam, fog, rinse). The device requires a minimum of two workers.
The technology is located in an atypical container, which is located on the railway chassis. DA4 comprises of high capacity nozzle operation, decontaminant reservoirs, pump system, compressor, mobile generator. The decontamination solution container can also be used to replenish DA1 and DA2.

Decontamination equipment DA 4 is a large-capacity facility designed to decontaminate the internal spaces of the platforms and tunnels of the subway.

The decontamination device prototype is developed by Dekonta, a.s.
In cooperation with SÚJCHBO v.v.i. with the support of the Ministry of the Interior, within the Security Research Program of the Czech Republic in 2015/2020 (BVIII/1 – VS), project ID: VI20162019031.

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