Decontamination mats

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Special tread-on mats guarantee effective removal of hazardous substances during decontamination of humans. They are made of durable rubber composite manufactured from recycled materials. The mats are designed mainly for placement in Eccotarp’s decontamination spill bunds IZS, but they can also be used as cleaning tread-on mats before entry into a decontamination area.

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Technical details


Rubber composite based on recycled raw materials + special chemically resistant anti-absorption surface treatment. 

470 × 470 × 80 mm

9,5 kg

Designed for the decontamination spill bunds IZS.


  • High durability of the material used
  • Higher weight – prevents mats from slipping in the spill bund
  • Stackability – mats can easily create a compact column, thus saving storage space
  • The mats are made of recycled material with a special chemicalresistant anti-absorption coating
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Reliable removal of hazardous substances

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