Demron Full Body Suit

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Demron is the only CBRN fabric that offers true resistence against Radiological and Ionizing Nuclear Radiation.

The Demron Radiation Protection Suit was engineered to provide universal protection against chemical, biological, non ionizing radiation, and ionizing radiation. Demron reduces heat stress by allowing better heat dissipation than any other impermeables. According to Lawrence Livermore National Defense Laboratory, the suit is an excellent shield of high energy beta oarticles, such as those emitted from Strontium-90, and provides at least 50% shielding  of gamma rays up to 130 KeV.

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Demron fabric has been tested by several DOE labs for effectiveness against ionizing radiation.

Other BC suits are heat sinks. With very little aktivity, heat will build up in the suit and it will continue to climb at rest. Because they are insulating, they cannot be cooled externally. Only the Demron suit reduces heat stress production, passively coold, and the first responder can be externally cooled without the need to be de-gowned.

Functional composition

The Demron® coverall is constructed with an integrated hood, heat sealed seams, and seam seal tape for added protection.

Standard Features:

– Full Chemical & Biological resistance

– CBRN Heat Sealed Seams


-Reduces IR Detection

Options and Accessories:

-CBRN Mask, Gloves & Boots

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