Disinfection Equipment – DE1

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DE-1 is a back carrying chemically resistant mobile disinfection / decontamination device designed for outdoor and indoor areas where access to the affected area is either restricted (confined spaces, mechanical obstacles) or where the use of vigorous rinsing techniques is excluded in terms of consequential damage.

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The basis of DE-1 is a stainless-steel container with a suction tube, a pressure pump and an application gun with replaceable nozzles of various intensities. The energy source for the pump is a Li-Ion battery with a capacity of 4-8 Ah. If necessary, the battery can be easily replaced or recharged during operation. The pressure in the application gun is regulated automatically by a pressure sensor in the pump, which maintains a constant pressure of up to 5 bar in the hose behind the pump. The entire applicator is installed on a lightweight back carrier to allow the assembly to be easily moved.


Usable volume of the storage container
10 l
Pump parameters
operating voltage 12 V – max. pressure 5 bar
Battery parameters
12 V – 4-8 Ah
Theoretical continuous operating time of the device on one battery charge
approx. 4-8 hours
Application time of a fully filled tank (10 l)
5-30 minutes (depending on the nozzle used)
The weight of the device including filling
about 20kg

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