ET Large HD Heavy Duty Folding Pool

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The pool is primarily designed as a mobile environmental protection device especially suitable for quick response to accidents wherever the environment is threatened by leaks of hazardous substances into soil and/or water. It is suitable as prevention during cleaning of heavy military vehicles and firefighting equipment and high-load vehicles. It was designed to resist to extreme pressure, eg. during decontamination or washing of tracked vehicles (army tanks…).

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Extremely resistant pool suitable for washing and decontamination of heavy machinery

Technical details


Unlike standardly produced spill bunds this pool is made of extremely resistant materials which are resistant to the effects of industrial fluids, chemicals, hydraulic lubricants and all oil and oil-based products such as fuel oil, diesel fuel, gasoline, etc. (see Chemical resistance certificate in the relevant chapter at the end of catalogue). It is usable at temperatures from -30 °C to +70 °C. The pool is standardly supplied with two pairs of under-wheel tracks (bottom and inner), nonwoven protective pad and protective pad made of strong PVC. These accessories considerably enhance the durability of the product. When using the pool for washing of tracked vehicles, it is also necessary to use wooden ramps that are not a standard part of the package. The unique patented design of the lateral reinforcements enables optional adjustment of the pool size to be made. The pool was put to weight tests.


  • Extreme resistance
  •  Simple and quick unfolding
  • Easy to drive in
  • The unique patented design
  • Protective pad and under-wheel tracks are standard accesories
  • Production of other dimensions is available according to individual customer´s requirements


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