Filter Perfection P2

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Perfection P2 filter developed by Nanologix.

– dust, coarse impurities, toxic liquid and solid aerosols, bacteria, viruses

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The RESPIRA protective respiratory half mask is equipped with a circular filter, which is attached to the facepiece by a threaded connection. The design of the connection makes the replacement of the filter simple and intuitive, without the need to remove the facepiece from the face.
This system, featuring a circular thread, allows for very quick filter change using only one hand. This design feature results from user’s needs in emergency situations, where the speed and simplicity of replacing the filter often has a significant impact on the level of health protection provided. Tightness at the connection between the solid part of the half mask and the filter is provided by a silicone sealing ring, which is anchored to the filter body. Thanks to its design, this ring ensures reliable sealing throughout the service life of filter as it does not deform or lose elasticity.

The circular filter itself is designed to suit a wide range of filter materials. In terms of breathability, the minimum normatively deter- 2 mined filter area is 150cm , this is safely met and can be greatly increased by increasing the density of the composition of the filter material. The filter insert is fixed inside the filter using a special adhesive. This provides not only strength to the joint at the connection of the filter insert with the solid parts of the filter but also perfect tightness.

The filters of the protective respiratory half mask are equipped with a variety of filter materials that are recommended for each type of environment at protection levels P1 to P3.  The uniqueness of the RESPIRA filters is based on the fact that we have used, as the first and only manufacturer, filter material manufactured purely from nanofibrous materials and we have placed the exhalation valve on a circular filter. The intentional utilisation of an exhalation valve in P3 filters provides unique comfort to wearers during use. In addition, the filter is designed in such a way that the pressure of the exhaled air can be used to regenerate the filter insert. This unique system extends the service life of the filter in a contaminated environment because the exhaled air partially purifies the filter insert from captured particles.
The capture values we have achieved are 99.99%.

Level of protection

This product, combined with an appropriate half mask, meets the basic safety requirements of:
EN 1827+A1:2009 FM P3 R D,
EN 1827+A1:2009 FM P2 R D,
EN 1827+A1:2009 FM P1 R D
EN 143:2000/A1:2006 P3 R,
EN 143:2000/A1:2006 P2 R,
EN 143:2000/A1:2006 P1 R
and is marked with the CE1024 symbol.

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