Filtering-Ventilating System MG250S-I

190 000.00  bez DPH

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4-way NBC Filtering-Ventilating System MG250S-I


van vehicles, ambulance cars, ICU, bio-boxes, shelters, tents, mobile labs, containers, ships

Powerful filtration (0,0003 mm=0,3ųm); NBC filter; HEPA filter:

chemical, radioactive, bacteriological contamination, dust particles (allergens, pollens, organic solvents, acid vapours and gases, alkaline vapours and gases, formaldehyde vapours, mercuric vapours, poisonous gases), etc.

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Technical parameters

Air-flow rate
100 m3 hour
Function 4-way (overpressure, underpressure, external / internal air-circulation)
650 Pa
Power Supply
230 V / 50 Hz;
Power Supply
674 W, 1 phase
El. current
3 A
45 kg
Sound level
45 dB (A)
Dimensions (w-h-d)
680 x 395 x 335 mm
UV-C lamp
infectious, hygienic
Visual checking
Back-up power supply UPS

Per order

Stainless end outputs with adjustment, stainless drains, stainless ring clips, zincoated two-edged coupling, pipe bend and output plugs.



Certification: Certificate No C5-05-0375, published 1. 08. 2005 by VUPS – Certifikační společnost, s. r. o. 102 21 Praha 10 – Hostivař, Pražská 810/16, Czech Republic; Authorised company No 227, Notified company No 1516 and Certification Authority for products. Certificate
No 1100826, published 25. 11. 2010 by EZÚ, s. p. 171 02 Praha 8 – Troja, Pod Lisem 129, Česká republika; Notified company No 1014 and Certification Authority for CB, CCA, ENEC, KEY-MARK, CCA-EMC, ČSN TEST, Homologace, ESČ, GS

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