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Alcohol-based, rinse-free hand sanitizer.

– A fast-acting and highly effective alcohol-based thixotropic hand sanitizer for disinfecting hand skin.

– Highly effective and fast disinfection of hands from bacteria and viruses, including coronaviruses (15-60 s).

– Quickly kills viruses (incl. COVID 19) and bacteria.

– Helps reduce the risk of infection transmission.

– Rehydrates and protects the skin.

– Leaves skin smooth, disinfected and fresh.

– Does not leave an odor trail that would be objectionable when handling food or in contact with patients.

– It can be used instead of the standard water and soap wash.

– Thixotropic effect, reducing losses through handwashing.

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Active ingredient: propan-2-ol 0,7 mg/ml

Other ingredients: acrylic acid copolymer, glycerol, triethanolamine, water


75 ml, 500 ml with dispenser, 5 l

Use biocides in a safe manner. Always read the label and product information before use.

Mandatory marking: DANGER!

Chemical marking:

GHS02 - hořlavé látkyGHS02 – Flammable substances
GHS07 - dráždivé látkyGHS07 – Irritating substances

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