IsoArk N 36-6 / N 36-6 ST Isolation Chamber

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For temporary isolation of a person or infected item

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– Very cost effective

– Quick set-up

– Complete side and top opening for easy patient access

– Robust, lightweight structure

– Fully collapsible unit

– Minimal storage requirements

– Integrated glove portals

– Integrated utility portals

– Integrated gloves available


The IsoArk N 36-6 Isolation Chamber is assembled and ready for use within minutes. The unit can operate on workshop or laboratory floors as a stand alone unit, or be secured onto a flat surface such as a bed, workbench, trolley, or stretcher.

The N 36-6 is unique in its ability to maintain isolation in multiple patient positions and can utilize built-in stretcher belting for safe and secure patient transport. The air entering the N 36-6 Isolation Chamber passes through the first HEPA filter, filtering the air for the patient, and then exits to the general public through another HEPA filter, preventing the spread of contamination. Additional advantages of the IsoArk N 36 6 include the ability to use any type of glove that the end user might require. The unit has a double zipped pouch, which acts as a mini airlock and allows the safe transfer of objects in and out of the chamber (for example, medicine, paper work, etc.), without the threat of spreading contamination.

The blower is equipped with a battery back-up that allows the system to be independent of an external power source for up to 10 hours (with full charge). The chamber liner is made from a special material and strengthened by inserting aluminium poles along each side of the structure and the ‘all around’ zipper system allows the chamber to be opened completely, giving easy operator accessibility.

The N 36-6 has four integrated zipped glove portals on each side for internal working access while the chamber is closed and six small zipped portals are integrated into the liner, which are used for infusions, catheter equipment, etc. When not in use, the entire system can be easily dismantled and folded for very compact storage.


Product Number
IsoArk N 36-6, IsoArk N 36-6 ST
Height (H):
600 mm
Width (W)
520 mm
Length of chamber (L):
1980 mm
Total Length with filter end mount:
2270 mm
Packing bag dimensions:
60 x 52 x 58 cm
Negative pressure with operational blower:
≥ 30 Pa
Airflow rate:
36 (21) m3/h (cfm)
Nominal voltage:
230 VAC
Filtration efficiency with particle size of 0.3 μm:
> 99.9995 %
Filtration efficiency with particle size of 0.1 μm:
> 99.999 %
Power consumption:
50 VA
Battery back-up:
up to 10 hours
Total system weight:
~ 30 kg

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