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The pool is primarily designed as a mobile environmental protection device especially suitable for quick, response to accidents wherever the environment is threatened by leaks of hazardous substances into soil and/or water. It functions as a portable reservoir for hygienic and decontamination purposes. It has proved to be very efficient in preventing leaks of oil and oilbased products or chemicals in industry, by removing spilt fuel, decontaminating and cleaning vehicles of all types.

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ET Large 111, ET Large 333, ET Large 444, ET Large Individ



The special folding pool withthe unique patented design

Technicals details

Unlike standard products the pool is made of thick PVC fabric with a special protective proofing. The fabric itself is proofed with polyethylene (PES/PVC 900 g/m²) resistant to the effects of industrial fluids, chemicals, hydraulic lubricants and all oil and oil-based products such as fuel oil, diesel fuel, gasoline, etc. (see Chemical resistance certificate in the relevant chapter at the end of catalogue).


  • Packed construction takes minimal
  • Simple and quick unfolding
  • Easy to drive in
  • The unique patented design
  • Protective pad and under-wheel tracks are standard accesories
  • Production of other dimensions is
    available according to individual customer´s requirements
  • Possibility of adding of drain hole and ball valve


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