Modul ECA 2000/ECA 2000-H

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Ultrasonic disinfection system Ecatech. Full-scale decontamination of interior spaces.

With ECA ultrasonic machines, relative humidity levels of up to 95 ± 4 rel % at temperatures from 11°C can be achieved and controlled.

The ECA-H modules have a built-in automatic wireless system for controlling and maintaining the pre-set humidity.

Wireless control unit for all module is available for extra charge.

Included: user manual, safety instructions, declaration of conformity, warranty/installation protocol.

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Amount of sprayed liquid
approx. 12 l/ hour
Best for space
2 000 – 3 000 m3
230 VAC / 50HZ
45 KG
Power input
1 800 W
External dimensions
660 x 685 x 715 mm
Number of ultrasonic cells

Principle of disinfection ultrasonic fogging

ECA ultrasonic disinfection systems are used for the controlled removal of pathogens from the air and surfaces for all industrial segments, where it is necessary to maintain a high hygienic standard of the working environment.

The ECA system, using an aerosol generated by ULTRASOUND, brings a significant shift in the quality and speed of the treated area. ECA devices, based on the piezoelectric effect, produce a highly fine aerosol (2 10 micrometers). Compared to other (high-pressure, pulsed or thermal) systems, the ultrasound-generated aerosol contains droplets of the order of 10 times smaller, which evaporate very easily. At the same time, however, the ultrasound-generated mist is cold and “dry”. This prevents excessive wetting or condensation of equipment and machines.

The aerosol of the active substance (due to its physical properties) remains in the air for a long time within 30 minutes, a significant loss of pathogens in the entire treated area.

Compatible with electronic devices and equipment.


Effectiveness of disinfection fogging

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