Nanologix full face shield

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Transparent face shield to protect the face and respiratory tract from the impact of droplets, bacteria and viruses. Suitable for wearing over the Respira Compact respirator.

Universal size for adults (can be customized). Comfortable even for long-term use – the headband is taped with foam rubber against bruises.

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A light plastic shield protects your face from direct contact with droplets, viruses and bacteria. It is designed mainly for living in enclosed spaces with a higher concentration of people (medical facilities, shops and stores, public and educational institutions, means of transport, etc.).

The shield reduces the risk of viral infection, but for truly effective protection, it must be combined with other protective equipment.

We recommend washing the shield after use with water and liquid cleaning agents without sand, granules and other solid components (there is a risk of scratching the visor). We recommend using alcohol-based products for disinfection.

Package contents:
1x visor with protective foil (must be removed before use)
1x light plastic headband with protective rubber against bruising and slipping
1x elastic rubber band for more comfortable use
2x plastic knob for attaching rubber tape
1x instructions for use

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