Protective full-face mask CM-6

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The CM-6 mask, in combination with a suitable filter or respirator, provides protection of the face, eyes and respiratory organs from the effects of toxic gases, vapours and aerosols, radioactive dust, bacteria and viruses. The CM-6 mask fully complies with the requirements of EN 136, Class III.

The mask is intended for use in industrial, chemical and nuclear fields, agriculture, mining, civil defence units, fire brigades, ambulance and police units, etc.

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Key features

  • Panoramatic visor for wide-anble view
  • Non-fogging construction of inner mask
  • 2-Sides filter connection
  • 6-Points Head harness for perfect tightness

User comfort

  • Advanced contruction of sealing edge ensure perfect face fit tightness
  • Facepiece material enable using due long periods in any weather conditions
  • One universal size (OSFA). Fits all adult faces, except the extremely small faces
  • Stretch Stripes of textile Head harness system provides comfortable wearing of mask

Functional reliability

  • Guaranteed for use in the temperature range from -30 °C to +70 °C
  • Mask can be use in environment with the oxygen content of air in minimum 17 % volume
  • Brombutyl rubber provides outstanding resistence against CBRN agents penetration


  • High quality speech insert membrane allows easy communication on high quality level
  • Possibility to equip with our unique voice amplifier through exhalation cover


  • Filter connections threads type – Rd 40×1/7″ in accordance with s EN 148-1 (NATO standard)
  • Possibility to mount filter either on the left, on right side or both sides of the mask
  • Period of use is limited by efficiency of mounted filter type. This can be advanced by spare filter replacing during the usage


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