Protective full-face mask CM-6

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Compared to CM-6, this mask includes the built-in ability to connect a drinking bottle (the bottle is a separate accessory) and represents a new type of full-face mask.
The CM-6 mask fully conforms to the requirements of EN 136, Class 3. Combined with a suitable filter or breathing apparatus, it provides protection
of the face, eyes and respiratory organs against the eects of toxic gases, vapours and aerosols, biological pollutants, radioactive dust etc.
The mask is intended for use in industrial, chemical and nuclear fields, agriculture, mining, civil defence units, fire brigades, police units etc.

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The CM-6 mask performs a reliable protective function in a temperature range of -30 C to +70 C. The large panoramic polycarbonate visor provides
excellent spatial orientation with minimal distortion during normal activities. The design of the facepiece of the CM-6 mask and its low resistance to breathing provide the user with a comfortable fit and the possibility of use over long periods of time. The facepiece is made of bromine-butyl rubber, which is harmless to health. The inhaled airflow is directed by means of the internal mask, which prevents the visor from fogging up. Users with dioptric defects can make use of a special insert for glasses.
The five-point rubber-textile fastening system allows for easy handling when putting the mask on and taking it off. The filter can be attached to
the facepiece either on the right or left side.


Average weight
560 g
Number of sizes
1 General field of vision: min. 70%
Binocular field of vision
min. 80%
Speech clarity
Facepiece material
bromine-butyl rubber
Visor material
Filter connection thread
Rd 40 x 1/7″
Breathing resistance at air flow rate of 30 l/min.
inhalation resistance: max. 25 Pa
exhalation resistance: max. 60 Pa

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