Sapphire Gas Mask

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The Adult Sapphire Protective Hood is a new concept in human respiratory protection against CBRN hazardou materials.

The hood provides a high degree of reliable protection and physical comfort, regardless of facial structure or manual dexterity.

The hood is designed for individuals aged 13 years and above.

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Main Features & Advantages

Supreme protection: Hood-shaped for maximum seal and positive pressured, Protective Hood provides a protection factor of 10 000 PPM.

Powerful air-supply: the hood becomes a positive pressured systém through the attachment of a blower (IMP 2005), supplying air up to 45/90 l/min. This significantly imroves protection and physiological comfort.

One size fits all: The hood is made of soft silicon laminate that seals around the users neck and is compatible with eyeglasses, beard, etc.

Vision clarity: The hood is integrated with a large polycarbonate visor, thus pemitting clear, undistorted vision.

The nose-cup: is tightened and positioned on the face using the two diagonal straps and quick release buckles on the back of the hood.

User-friendly: Wide visor for maximum field of vision, easy to don and doff, comfortable for prolonged use.

Long shelf life: The systém has a shelf life of 15 years in RT conditions (Batteries-8 years).

The Sapphire Mask is especially adapted for use by

  • The police and law enforcement forces
  • First responders
  • Medical teams

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