Spill bunds Cargo EUR and Cargo DP

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This product is intended for emergency retrieval of industrial liquids, oil-based products and chemicals in case of an accidental spill. It can be used as a protective device when moving pallets loaded with drums or cans.

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Thanks to shape and size specially designed for use in industry and transportation

Technical details


The bunds are rigid and self-supporting. They are made from thick fabric with a protective proofing layer (PES/PVC 680 g/m²). They are resistant to oil-based substances, acids and alkalis at temperatures between -30 and +70 °C (see. Chemical resistance certificate in the relevant chapter at the end of catalogue). The manufacturer recommends use of yellow pad to protect the underside of the spill bund against mechanical damage

Product variants:
Cargo bunds are usually delivered in two sizes, in blue colour and in the option with side handles (Cargo EUR Plus, Cargo DP Plus) or without the handles (Cargo EUR, Cargo DP).


  • Optimized dimension for easy fold
    around the pallet
  • Easy handling by pallet-poolers and forklifts
  • Option with or without side handles
  •  Capacity of 210 litres (EUR variant), alternatively 300 litres (DP variant)
  • Built-in level indicator to show the quantity of retrieved liquid
  • Possibility of adding of drain hole and ball valve


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