Super safe survival CBRN family kit

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With nuclear, biological, and chemical threats growing by the day, ensuring you and your family are fully equipped with the correct NBC gear becomes an important issue.

The Super Safe Survival CBRN Family Kit includes: The sapphire CBRN system for parents. The Quartz protective hood for children and infants.

The Pet Respiratory protection tent for family pets.  All parts of the Super Safe systems in this kit are of the highest level of safety that meets the most stringent military standards.

Why do so many American families, purchase their entire family CBRN protection systems from Impertech Safety?

Impertech Safety, located in Israel, has been producing CBRN protection systems for the Israeli MOD and IDF (The Israel Defense Forcesfor over 40 years. Impertech Safety, is also the only company in the world that manufactures protection systems for the entire family including infants and pets.

Perhaps this can be attributed to the fact that during the Gulf War, when Israel was under nuclear threat from Iraq, Impertech safety, developed, produced and provided millions of defense systems to to millions of citizens in the State of Israel.

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SAPHIRE - CBRN protection for parents

1x Sapphire CBRN respirator hood 
2x new NBC filters
Blower Onyx 90 + Battery CASE + 8 Batteries 
Aquamarine Type II –- High Performance CBRN Suit
Supersafe Overboots
Supersafe Butyl Rubber Gloves

QUARTZ CBRN protection for children

1x Quartz CBRN Respirator Hood
1x New NBC Filters
Onyx 45 Blower + Batteries
Aquamarine Type II – High Performance CBRN Kids Suit
SuperSafe Kids Overboots
SuperSafe Kids Butyl Rubber Gloves
Rugged Water Resistant Black Branded bag (fits all items)

CBRN protection kit for pets

1x Robust Pet Respiratory Protective strong saltant
2x New Sealed NBC Filters
Onyx 90 Blower + Battery CASE + 8 Batteries
Adapted synthetic grass mat

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